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In what has to be considered one of the best matches we've seen in not just Ryse, but all of Western Pa, the Reaper Matt Conard upset the former champion The Apex of Combat Lee Moriarity. Congratulations to Matt Conard in becoming only the second person to hold this title!

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Brutal Bob Evans and Tough Tim Hughes will Ryse on May 5th! And their opponents have been announced! The Mane Event will be the Ryse tag team to step up to the challenge of Tough Guy Inc.

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A Name Change for Duke and Ganon

Due to the recent school shootings Duke Davis and Ganon Jones Jr. have decided that a name change is in order. In a statement released on their site:

"In light of the horrible school shootings and gun violence across America. As well as the social climate we’ve decide to make a name change. Since we have used “Welcome To The Mane Event” as our tagline at the end of our promos and social media hashtags. We will now move from Locked & Loaded to The Mane Event. We have changed our Instagram & Twitter handles to @itsTheManeEvent. As well our website has changed to itsthemaneevent.wordpress.com. We are currently rebooting the website. Adding more content, merch sales, promos and much more. In a few weeks we will launch our YouTube Channel. We believe this is family friendly and ages a lot better. Continue to stay Lit and continue following our journey! We appreciate all the continued support!"

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Lee vs. Jack 2

On March 3rd RYSE will be heading to Brownsville Area High School for a great night of wrestling! Proceeds will go to help the Brownsville Area Softball Team. Signed for a HUGE main event is Jack Pollock vs. Lee Moriarty 2! These two are coming off of what some say will be match of the year in the whole area. Don't miss it when these two go at it one more time.

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RYSE comes to Brownsville Area High School

On March 3rd RYSE will be heading to Brownsville Area High School for a great night of wrestling! Proceeds will go to help the Brownsville Area Softball Team. Stay tuned for card details soon. You won't want to miss this one. #B_A_WITNESS

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Pittsburgh Dream Match Signed!

The "Apex of Combat" Lee Moriarty vs. "The Next Trending Topic" Jack Pollock for the Ryse Grand Championship A Pittsburgh dream match that you can only find on Feb 10th at Ryse! Lee has been proving he has the hot hand in the area. Injured and with what some say was the toughest tournament route, he overcame 15 other of THE top wrestlers around to become the first ever Ryse Grand Champion. Against all odds, match after match, Lee is showing why he is correctly called the Apex of Combat. But now he has to face The Next Trending Topic Jack Pollock. Jack has proven himself against the best of the best. Shane Taylor, Brandon K, Jason Gory, and the list goes on of competitors Jack Pollock has confronted and came out victorious. Considered the new measuring stick in Pittsburgh, Jack is by far Lee's toughest challenge to date.

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Jack Pollock comes to Ryse!!

The hottest free agent in Pittsburgh is coming to Ryse on January 13th. Jack Pollock will have no easy task right out of the gate though as he will take on The Reaper Matt Conard. When Ryse was created, these are the type of matches that we wanted to make happen. Two of the very best Pittsburgh talent in one ring at the Stronghold. Don't miss all the action of Ryse. #B_A_WITNESS

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It was at the Ryse 1 Year Anniversary Show that The Apex of Combat Lee Moriarty out fought and out lasted 16 of the top wrestlers in the area to become the first ever Ryse Grand Champion. Now it's time for his first title defence and he will be facing The Gavel David Lawless who at the same show won a contenders match against one of the best technical wrestlers to ever grace a ring in Pittsburgh, The Iceman Tony Johnson. Former friends, former classmates, two of the best go head to head on January 13th! Don't miss all the action of Ryse. #B_A_WITNESS

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The Bayou Bully Christian Black vs. The Exhalted One Londyn Ali match is now a Last Competitor Standing Match! Since Londyn eliminated Black's cousin Christiano from Ryse, this rivalvry has been a relentless pursuit between both competitors. At the request of both participants, this stipulation has been added to insure there will be a definitive winner. Dec 2nd #B_A_Witness!

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After a year, the match is finally set and it's unsanctioned! The Meta-Human Duke Davis vs. First Klass Brandon K. After months of Duke pushing K for a match and Brandon not biting, Duke upped the pressure by confronting Brandon's wife! And the tactic was enough for Brandon K to come out of retirement for one more match. Head of Talent Relations Marcus Mann will be a special guest referee and says that if Brandon's health is in question, which puts the company's future in question, he will without hesitation stop the match. Will Duke Davis beat the returning legend and cement himself as the man at Ryse or will Brandon have a victorious return against heavy odds? Find out on Dec 2nd! #B_A_Witness https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kr137FDi1bs&feature=youtu.be

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The match is set! Of the Elite 8 only 2 remain. On Dec 2nd at the Ryse 1 Year Anniversary Show a champion will be crowned! The Reaper Matt Conard will face The Apex of Combat Lee Moriarty. Both men had impressive hard fought victories on Nov 11th. It's been an INCREDIBLE tournament and this match looks to be a war. Who will climb the mountain to the very top?

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November 18 Ryse leaves the Stronghold for a great cause! Join us and help support Bethel Park High School and PACS. 309 Church Street Bethel Park PA. Matches will be announced soon!

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The Oct 28th was a huge kick off to the Ryse of the Grand Champion tournament. 16 entered but only 8 remain. A night of surprises and upsets as some heavy favorites had to go home early. But when it's all over only 1 can be called champion! Stay tuned for details of the Oct 28 kick off show and the future bracket.

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All 16 particpants have been released for the Oct 28th Ryse of a Champion tournament! Any of which could easily walk out with the championship. So who will it be? Who will be the only one left standing at the end?



For 10 months we have seen the best talent from around the wrestling world build the foundation of the hottest new promotion to hit the Pittsburgh area. Now we bring the best of the past and present stars together, and a few surprises, to one big tournament. Only ONE of these warriors can walk out of it all being the Ryse Grand Champion. The journey starts on October 28th and will conclude at the Decemeber 2nd Anniversary Show.

Loxk & Loaded Suspended!


Head of the day to day operations of RYSE, Brandon K, has indefinitely suspended Lock N Loaded from the Stronghold. Brandon has stated that he will not risk the safety of any RYSE personel including wrestlers, refs, etc, due to the defiant action of this team. He has stated he will revisit bringing the team back but only after Lock N Loaded agrees to abide by the bylaws of the Stronghold.

Dalton Thottle!


Just as Throttle was announcing his entrance into the championship tournament Christian Black appeared on the big screen behind him. The crafty Christian Black used that opportunity to sneak in behind him and concuss him with a chain. He then proceeded to viciously pin Dalton's leg into a chair and jump on it repeatedly! We have gotten word from Throttle that this caused a fracture in his ankle. The injury will cause Dalton, who by anyone's estimation was a favorite to perhaps win it all, to miss the tournament. The tournament is 1 month away and guys are already pulling out all the stops to be the first ever Ryse Grand Champion..

Londyn Ali!


At the Stronghold, there are no divisions. And The Exhalted One Londyn Ali is on the forefront of this bold take on wrestling. Can a woman survive in a brutal man's sport? She has answered that question by defeating Christiano and having him leave the Stronghold Arena. Now she sets her sights on being the first ever RYSE Champion and has thrown her hat into the ring to compete in the upcoming tournament to crown that Champion. The Ryse Championshiop will be the most sought after

The Reaper Matt Conard!

The Reaper Matt Conard Signs with RYSE!

There are many wrestlers but only the best will step foot and be successful in the Stronghold Arena. Matt Conard has never shyed away from a fight. Considered one of the best fighters around, he aims to prove it by signing on with RYSE! Already having a successful debut, what does the future hold for The Reaper?!